Monday, December 12, 2016

Veteran Chris Turley

The protest at the Standing Rock reservation, has been over the past few months, and still is a very hot topic. For those who don’t know, the reason for the protest is that a company is building a $3,8billion, 1,200-mile long oil pipeline crossing through North Dakota en route to the Gulf Coast. The pipeline is also planned to cross under a section of the Missouri River that serves as the local water supply for the Standing Rock Sioux. This is a problem because if the pipeline would have a leakage this would destroy their water supply and cause big damage for the environment. This is why the Standing Rock Sioux and many others is protesting against it.
Photo of Standing Rock protestors
The case has gotten a lot of media coverage over the past months or so, and because of this, people have started coming from all over the world to support the protest. One of these people is veteran Chris Turley, former Sr. Scout observer in a Scout Recon/Scout Sniper platoon stationed with the 101st Airborne Division.         He went to Standing Rock to support the protest and we were lucky enough to get to ask him some questions about the situation and his thoughts via Facebook.
Here are some examples of the answers we got. Q stands for question and A stands for answer.
Q: - Hello! How do you hope that your actions will affect the people building the pipeline and do you think it will?
A: I hope that certain individuals, or celebrities sacrificing so much for this cause would help bring awareness also well bring some common sense to them on the other side of the wire lol.
Q: -Hello, Chris Turley, how do you think this protest is going to end?
A: I’m sure you’re aware of the actions of the Army Corps decision yesterday. However the battle is far from over.
Q: -Hi Chris, i was just wondering why you joined the protest?
A: Hello, I joined the people in standing rock in solidarity. To show my support for the sioux nation. And to help protect the civilians.

This was very interesting for us to actually get to talk to somebody directly involved in the protest we were learning about.
Here is a photo of Chris Turley. Photo: private.

This post is written by Gabriel.

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