Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sebastian Stein from "Leger Uten Grenser"

Sebastian Stein is a well know man in Norway. He was also the leader for “Leger Uten Grenser” middle sea rescue events. “Leger Uten Grenser” is a neutral Norwegian medical organization that wishes to help anyone in need of medical assistance in countries with war, or other violent problems. Now Sebastian Stein spends most of his time trying to spread awareness about refugee problems, such as how they are being treated in different countries. A lot of them have been tortured, not well feed and/or mistreated in other ways.

Picture is taken from Sebastian Stiein’s video on Facebook.

On the 19th of March (2017) Sebastian Stein posted a video on “Leger Uten Grensers” official Facebook page. Here he explains that a lot of people are mad about president Trumps wall on the Mexico-USA border, but not many people know about the wall Norway is building. While not a physical wall like the one in the US that is expected to be built, Norway is asking many countries to stop allowing refugees into their countries, thereby stopping refugees from coming to Norway.

A lot of Norwegians has seen this video, and it has 500 000 views on the “Leger Uten Grensers” Facebook page alone, and it has been shared across face book more than 5000 times in just 4 days.

3 Days after the video was posted on Facebook our teacher: Terje Pedersen managed to get us the chance to ask Sebastian Stein a few questions, here are some of them:


I agree that we should treat all the refugees in a good manner, but do you have any ideas about what to do with the refugees that get to Turkey?


I think it is very important to treat the refugees well, but one of the main problems are that the refugees need to get to other countries beyond Turkey, and not just stay there as they have way too many refugees already.


What will you be doing further to help the refugee crisis in the future?


I will continue with poking the politicians in this country to try and convince them to do something about the situation, and I will also be continuing my humanitarian work, to try and make refugees safer on their travel.


I can tell that you have a very strong opinion on the wall, but do you see anything good about any walls, or do you think that all the walls in the word are bad?


I am not an expert in walls around the world, I expect many of the city walls that they had in the middle ages to be good, and helpful during war times, but I do not think that this wall is good in any way.

I think everyone lerned a lot from Sebastian Steins video, and I think many people did not know about this wall, and now they do thanks to Sebastian Stein, so thanks for informing the world a bit more!

Written by Christopher Conti.

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