Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hedda Bryn Langemyr

Hedda Bryn Langemyr  

We at Rothaugen middle school have got the opportunity to talk with a huge number og experts. Every expert is often an expert at conflicts or a world wide problem that we have been learning about at school. Through our facebook group called "Cooperation across the globe" we have been talking and asking questions to different experts. This blog is a page where we students informs you about the experts we have been talking to and today "Hedda Bryn Langemyr" is the experts I will talk about.

At school our social studies teacher has been talking about the Israel/Palestina conflict. He has given us the most important and superficial information when it comes to the conflict. But for us students it could be difficult to get the whole picture and perspective. So with asking Hedda Bryn Langemyr questions of everything we is wondering about , when we talk about the Israel/Palestina conflict.

Hedda Bryn Langemyr is the CEO for the Norwegian Peace Council. The Peace Council is like a umbrella for the Norwegian Peace movement. So we have got the opportunity to ask a high qualified expert from Norway Questions about the Israel/Palestina conflict. Langemyr is not working for an organization who only work with the conflict, so when she answers us, it will be for herself and not the orgnization.
We have been asking in Norwegian, but I will translate the question and the anwer to english.

Hi Hedda. Is it possible that someone outside the conflict can help Israel and Palestine to find a solution and an end for the conflict? Do you think yourself that the conflict is possible to fix? Can they reach an agreement?
Thank you for your time!

Hi Isak! There are many different parts and other countries that are involved in the conflict. So there is no lack of participation. But there countries that are involved are not engaged or open for a solution. They just used violence, and than you have a evil spiral going on. There is not enough engagement around the conflict especially from the United States, who is Israel´s most important supporter.This shows it could be difficult to find a solution and an agreement, when it comes to the Israel/Palestina conflict.

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