Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chad Dion Lassiter

Chad Dion Lassiter, the profesor who crushes the racisist idealism.

Sverre Bergh Skeide

The man at an incredibe 6 feet and 6 inches, have become an international spokesperson for racism in the states. The proffesor has researched racism for a long time, and has gotten incredible knowledge about the issue. He has been discribed as one of the New black intellectuals, meaning he has become a person of interest for the media. He is desribed as one of the better, if not one of the best proffesor in the topics "Race Relations" and "Democracy" in Philladelphia. But who is Chad Dion Lassiter, and how did he become inspired to become a proffesor?

Lassiter is not only a proffesor at the University of Philladelphia, he has also been a social worker fro 15 years, educating prisnors and middle school students like us about justice, racism and democracy.

"You can't save the world, but you can save the world of the indevidual one person at a time. So that alleviated any pressure about, I have to be the Next Martin Luther King, the NeXT Ghandi, the NeXT Moother Terresa, I have to get the next Nobel Peace Prize." Lassiter says in a video from 2009

Chad Dion Lassiter has been doing amazing and facinating work. He has become a group leader in an organization called operation understanding. As a Group leader he has travled to Africa and Isreal. He has also gotten the opportunity to shake the current popes hand. Ha has appeard multiple times in News such as fox News, and good morning Philladelhpia.

Us students at Rothaugen skole in Bergen were honored to have Lassiter visiting us here, despite the distance to come here. When he visited us and had sessions with us, he didn't just teach us don't be racist, cause racism is bad. He went deeper into the issue, and tought us about how can people justify racism, and showed us clips from police shootiing and questiond us what did each indeviduals think in these situations, and how could the situation been handled differently. These were some of the most valueble sessions I have recieved from my entire middle school experience. He didn't gave us a book about rasicm, asked us to read it and answer these questions after we were done reading. He made sure everybody was engaged and everybody had learned something. He asked us what we would do if we were in the middle of a police shooting, and made us questioning ourselves.
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