Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kate M Nash

The Troubles

We here at Rothaugen middle school in Bergen, got the opportunity to talk with Kate M Nash from Derry, Nothern Ireland. Among other expert, this is one of many experts we have been talking to through the last year in our facebook group "Cooperation across the globe". We use this group to get in touch with persons and expertd about the topics we learn about at school. This spring, our main topic in the subject english, is the Northern Ireland conflict. We have been seeing movies and learning about the conflict between the Catholics and the Protestants and how the government played a big role under "the Troubles". These things are very general and not very spesific or personal information.

So our teacher, Terje Pedersen contacted Kate Nash.

Kate Nash is living in Derry, Nothern Ireland and will talk about loss of her Brother under the Bloody sunday, and the wondering of her father under the terrible attack in LondonDerry. Kate is also very dissapoited on how the Police men who was killing her Brother and hurting her father. They are morders and didnt get any type of punish or punishment for what they did under Bloody Sunday.

This is the short summary of what Kate Nash have been exprienced under "the troubles" and we here at Rothuagen middle have got the chance to talk and ask Kate Nash questions about her life, and personal experience she can share with us.

Here is some examples of what we have been asking Kate Nash about.

Kate M NashI was wondering about one thing. Which arguments do you use, to get the soldier punished for what he did?
Thank you for your time!

Well of course this is an easy answer to your question . The only argument we need to use is to quote the Law Of The Land . A crime was committed on Bloody Sunday and those responsible need to be tried in a court of law . Every citizen is equal before the law and we are all entitled to Justice . We have proved that murder was committed , Britain has admitted that soldiers were responsible so what stops this going to a Court of Justice ?? We have waited 45 years for this , we have campaigned in many ways and will continue until it happens . I will not give up !! To bring you up to date with our struggle . The case of Bloody Sunday is now with The Public Prosecution Service who are the people who decide if these soldiers go into court . We have been told at a recent meeting with them that they cannot give us a date when they will make this decision but they will be able to answer that question at the end of the Summer !!

Kate M Nash Hi! 
I was wondering if you think that now that britain has gone out of the EU, do you think the rebellions and disagreements will rise and The troubles will repeat itself?

I do believe that at some stage the rebellion will rise again here but not because of Britains exit of the EU . The Troubles here have largely stopped but not entirely . This is because the IRA have split . Sinn Fein have accepted British ruling and indeed are part of that Establishment and are not considered Republican anymore and we have other groups of republicans here who continue with the struggle for Irish Unity . It is known that a lot of these groups have been infiltrated by British Undercover Agencies .

Sigmund 10e

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